Folkstreams is a video streaming site dedicated to preserving American culture and history through folklore films. It is one of the oldest streaming sites on the internet, predating YouTube, but after years of service the website and brand had begun to show their age.


Modernize Folkstreams for a new generation of viewers. The updated logo drops the filmstrip motif and uses the wave to represent not only a stream, but also an American flag. The new brand highlights the hidden stories, cultural impact, and historical significance of the films on Folkstreams. The website was redesigned to optimize viewing across devices, powered by a custom content management system that automatically relates content to increase discoverability.

Folkstreams logo before and after

Folkstreams festival

Folkstreams brand guidelines

Folkstreams black history

One year after the website redesign, total traffic was up 30% and mobile traffic was up 60%.

Folkstreams mobile website

Folkstreams website


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Client: Folkstreams
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