They Changed the Game


They Changed the Game is an illustrated book showcasing 50 stories of pioneering players, obscure rules, and defining moments that shaped the world of sports. At its heart, the book is about creativity. We’ve always believed people can be creative in whatever they do. So how do you showcase creativity outside the arts?


Ignore the lists of “greatest athletes” and focus on players who made a measurable impact. We collaborated with a handful of sports writers to craft 50 stories of rule-breakers, mavericks, and iconoclasts who truly changed the game. We then paired each story with a one-of-a-kind illustration from 22 international artists commissioned specifically for the book. The result is a beautiful showcase of creativity both on and off the field.

The book received international praise and was selected as the Indie Book Awards Winner for Best Illustration, the Independent Publishers Book Awards Gold Winner in Sports, and the National Indie Excellence Award Winner for Best Sports Book.

They Change the Game - Michael Jordan

They Change the Game - Billie Jean King

They Change the Game - Stephen Curry

They Change the Game - Babe Ruth

They Change the Game - Banana Blades


Book Design


Creative Director: Ink & Craft
Designer: Ink & Craft
Illustrators: Chelsea Charles, Clément Soulmagnon, David Flores, David Lomeli, Dessy Baeva, Elena Hormiga, Geo Law, John McGowan, Keelan Ashton-Bell, Lara Paulussen, Marie Muravski, Matthew Broerman, Michael Rendell Hensley, Nate Sweitzer, Nikko De Leon, Pasquale Garibaldi, Sarah Dahir, Ulises Mendicutty, Yagiz Yilmaz, Zachariah Stuef